01 March 2011

A Set Back

OK this entry is all about the last two days.

Sunday I woke up early for a work meeting. Afterwards I went to the gym and did a lower body workout. It actually went very well, and I didn’t hurt, although I keep pushing myself I never get that truly sore feeling. After lifting I went straight back to work for a closing shift, but I didn’t make it all the way through the night. Somewhere in the 24 hours prior I had picked up food poisoning. So Sunday night until today I have been really sick and except to go to the store and buy Gatorade so I didn’t completely dehydrate. Monday was miserable, I should have gone to the hospital, I’m not even going to lie. I’m just too stubborn. So I curled up in my bed, and slept/ drank Gatorade until Tuesday morning. I feel better now but I’m still tired. I feel a little weak but I am really relieved that it only lasted Sunday and Monday.

On a positive not I did find a new favorite type of Gatorade… Raspberry Melon. It tastes pretty amazing… It was easy to drink and it didn’t make me sick!

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