15 March 2011

Bjj and crossfit

Yesterday morning I woke up to a nice surprise. My old coach Marcello from Indianapolis had messaged me on Facebook. He had been trying to call the wrong number and wanted to talk to me about everything. So I replied with the correct number and we had a good conversation about everything that had gone on in the past week. He supported my move to another gym, was glad to hear about my new team and coach, he stayed impartial in the whole situation, and he also said I should move back to train under him. I was glad to just talk to him and find out that what I had been told was untrue. I was also glad when he started to give me the tips he could for Pan Ams. The little bits of advice were welcome.

But!! Its now time to get back to the daily grind and getting ready for pan ams! Yesterday was a rough practice. I had my first try at Crossfit which was fun.
The workout was:
row 1000 meters
30 squat raises
30 burpee pull ups
500 meters
15 squat raises
15 burpee pull ups

I guess this was a pre Bjj workout. The actual cross fit workouts are a little more intense.

After Crossfit, Robert had a few of the people close to my size do a gauntlet. Every two minutes a new person jumped in and we grappled. After about 20 min. I felt like I was going to be sick.. It was great! This is the last week I can get really hard matches in.

After the gauntlet, I drilled with a brown belt named Bobby. We worked take downs at 30%. At the end of the night Robert took me through visualization and meditation techniques that I need to do every night. He also told me how I should be eating for the upcoming tournament. He wants me to be 3 lbs under where I need to be to keep me healthy and not worried. This is a whole new approach for me and I'm excited I like the fact that I've had so much support. Tonight I'm going in early and Robert and I will be sitting down and talking through my game plan for pan ams. After that I'm going to roll with him, he's going to give me feedback and help fix any holes or mistakes I keep making. I feel extremely lucky to have found a coach and team like this so close to where I live.

My new school

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