14 July 2012

Night at the Fights: CageQuest II

Saturday July 7th was CageQuests’ second MMA fight production. The night consisted of 13 fights, with four of the fights being title fights. This was the first CageQuest I had ever been to and I really enjoyed the fights. They took place at Clover Park Technical College in Lakewood, WA. There was plenty of seating and space for the fights, a beer garden for the adults, multiple vendors for people to check out. The fights went smoothly and the only time there was a break in action was the intermission, and a small break when the EMT needed to escort another MMA fighter out. The fights went off without a hitch and it was an awesomely put together card.

Fight #1 Terran Mace (Eatonville MMA) vs. Woo Johnson (Evolution MMA) 150lbs Woo started out controlling the first round. Woo got the first hit and didn’t stop. He took Terran down, to mount ground and pounded until Terran could escape, proceeded to take him down again and keep control until the end of the round. In the second round Woo came out strong again and Terran fell to the ground. When Woo pounced Terran tried to triangle woo, and then attempted an armbar. 532572_337068789714926_1711826853_nWoo escaped go mount and kept hitting until  the referee stopped the match. Woo Johnson won by TKO 1:24 into round 2.

Fight #2 Daniel Luthala JR (Pinnacle Martial Arts) vs. Drew McKellips (Northwest Elite) 170 lbs Daniel started out with a couple of misplaced punches but recovered by taking Drew down. Drew swept to mount but lost it to Daniel. Daniel looked for a submission but Drew covered and defended well. Daniel got up out of frustration and Drew followed. Daniel caught Drew against the cage and took him down again as round one ended. During round 2 Daniel got in a few good hits before taking Drew down. Daniel mounted Drew, and when Drew bellied down, Daniel took the opportunity and got a rear naked choke. Daniel Luthala won 1:56 seconds into the second round.

Fight #3 Clinton Jenkins (AKA) vs. Tony Gonzales (Damage MMA) 125 lbs. Tony got the first kick in to start the fight but Clinton took control of the fight and kept it. Clinton took down Tony twice. The second time Tony reversed to the top of guard but Clinton secured an armbar. Clinton Jenkins won by armbar 2:55 into round 1.

Fight #4 James Pollard (House of Stone) vs. Bobby Grady (GUMMA) 145 lbs. James tried a few kicks that missed to start but Bobby took his time picked out a few good punches before he took James down. James tried to guillotine but Bobby avoided it and got back mount. Bobby caught a Rear Naked Choke 1:32 min into round 1. 

Fight #5 Gary Winslow (American Combat Academy) vs. Aaron Goedhart (Damage MMA) 155 lbs. Gary and Aaron had the first fight to go all three rounds. Round one was 484103_337995539622251_958489717_nclose with Gary taking down Aaron, but Aaron attempting to triangle Gary. Gary escaped and controlled the position until round one ended. Again in rounds two and three Gary took down Aaron  slowly picked apart Aaron and kept control. Gary moved from position to position, looking for smart strikes, or submissions, and Aaron wasn’t ever able to play his game or escape. After all three rounds Gary Winslow won by unanimous decision.

Fight #6 Antonio Fuentes (House of Stone) vs. Adam Loredo (Bad Company) 185 lbs. Antonio and Adam had the fastest fight of the night. Both guys came out trying their hardest. Adam took down Antonio but Antonio grabbed the guillotine. Antonio kept ahold of the guillotine and Adam went unconscious. Antonio won by TKO due to Guillotine :36 into Round 1.

Fight #7 Zack Conn (American Combat Academy) vs. Taki Uluilakepa (MABJJ) 170 lbs. Although Zack got the first hit, Taki controlled round one.Taki took down Zack and looked for the submission. Zack escaped, stood back up, but Taki took him down again after landing a solid right to Zacks head. Zack came out stronger in the second round. He landed a good punch and Taki went down. Taki regained his composure and caught Zack in a guillotine. Taki won by guillotine 1:52 into round 2.

Fight #8 Kevin Butler (AKA) vs. Jacob Solis (Damage MMA) 155lbs. Kevin and Jacob went all three rounds. Jacob controlled the first round with a good stand up and clinch game. He even took Kevin down and attempted a guillotine from the top of half guard. During round two Kevin rebounded and came out to win. He took Jacob down, worked hard on the ground looking for submissions and openings to strike. Round three opened with both guys trying hard to finish the round.Jacob took down Kevin but Kevin swept Jacob and stayed in control. Jacob couldn’t shake 534965_337073443047794_2021016884_nKevin off and Kevin worked hard to keep his position. At the end of three rounds Kevin Butler won by Unanimous Decision.

Fight #9 Chelsie Bailey (Yakima MMA) vs. Amy Cadwell (Charlie’s Cobat Club) Women’s 115 lbs. The ladies by far had the fight of the night. Both put all of their heart into their three rounds. Every second of each round had something going on and both ladies gave a very impressive show of both standing and ground technique. Round one started with Chelsie and Amy trading a few punches before Chelsie took Amy down. Chelsie kept control for a while before Amy succeeded in getting a sweep. Both ladies stood and Chelsie got another takedown as the round ended. Round two was a trade of techniques and fighting Chelsie again got the takedown but Amy attempted a good triangle. Chelsie escaped ended in mount where she tried to armbar Amy. Amy escaped and the second round ended. Round three and both came out for more. Chelsie took down Amy but Amy got back mount. Chelsie escaped to guard, and when Amy tried to sweep Chelsie ended up in mount. Chelsie again looked for a submission but wasn’t able to find one. After three rounds Chelsie Bailey won by Unanimous Decision.

529361_337075989714206_1918512741_nFight #10 Nick Coughran (Battleground MMA) vs. Omar Petty (Northwest Elite) Title Fight 170 lbs. Both Nick and Omar started by feeling each other out. Omar took down Nick to guard where Nick tried to triangle Omar. Omar picked up Nick and slammed him back on the mat. After a quick scramble on the ground Nick pulls an armbar on Omar. Nick won via submission 2:14 into round .  

Fight #11 Jordan Stern (AKA) vs. Jordan Harrington (Bad Company MMA) Title Fight 155lbs. This title fight only went into the third of 5 rounds. In the first two rounds Jordan H. repeatedly took down Jordan S. Jordan S. kept Jordan H.  away, and although Jordan H was able to get in some good hits, he wasn’t able to get past Jordan S.’s guard. During round three Jordan H. again got the takedown, as he tried to pass to side control Jordan S. turtled and Jordan H. got back mount. Jordan H. then succeeded in sinking a Rear Naked Choke. Jordan Harrington won by RNC 1:44 into round three.

Fight#12 Grady Duncan (Battleground MMA) vs. Alfonso Gonzales (GUMMA) Title fight 185 lbs. Grady immediately set the pace for the fight. He started with superman punch and did not stop looking for openings. Grady caught Alfonso with a good series and Alfonso went out. Grady won via knockout 1:18 into round one.

Fight#13 David Ahto (White Swan Warriors) vs. Kamm Freudensten (Evolution MMA) Title fight524033_337997886288683_1718143315_a 125 lbs. David and Kamm had the longest fight of the night. They went all five rounds for the CageQuest title. David tried to get the first strike every round but Kamm was good at judging how close he was and blocking the strikes that came his way. Kamm consistently took down David every round and controlled the ground. Kamm was set on looking for submissions and took his time picking apart David. David looked lost on the ground and by round four David was just covering and not actively trying to defend. During round 5 Kamm again took down David and looked to finish the fight.  After five rounds Kamm won by unanimous decision.

Thank you to Alphight.com for giving me the opportunity to write and review another local MMA fight. I had a blast and can’t wait until the next opportunity to write comes around!