29 May 2010

I Love the BJJ Lifestyle!

So recently I stumbled upon The BJJ Lifestyle. It’s a website that has everything from crazy rash guards, to belts that show off your belt rank, and crazy, hilarious t-shirts, So I’m saying check them out. They even have this thing called the Legion, you get discounts on the stuff you buy. If you work hard for the Legion, they’ll even sponsor you! So heck why not go check it out and have some fun

The contests are great you can win different things, there are even other links to different websites, and they even put my little blog on there! Thank you guys and much love! So check them out, see some of the craziness, maybe even become a legion member so you can get swag, discounts, whatever!

Seriously check out the belts!! Once I get my purple belt I’m so getting one in purple…

28 May 2010

When you know you’re addicted to BJJ…

1. On your way home after Jiu Jitsu class you always stop to go shopping so you can show off your gi and belt.
2. All of your enemies "gotta big mouth!"
3. You begin pronouncing the word Jiu-Jitsu (jew-jit-su) as "zhuzhitsu."
4. You are constantly thinking up a new setup or move that no one has discovered just so you "can put your name on it."
5. When in bed with your significant other you are doing jiu-jitsu reversals to maneuver her into the position you want.
6. When talking with friends, bosses, or relatives you eye them up and down to see which would be easier to get on them: the armbar or the choke.
7. You are constantly staring at other people's ears while at bars and clubs to see who is a grappler.
8. ONLY when you are explaining a move to a friend do you develop a SLIGHT Brazilian accent.
9. Waiters, waitresses, and the cable guy are all now "my friend, my friend."
10. When you turn over in bed at night you are posting your foot and sliding your hips to turn instead of just rolling over.
11. You spend hours on end looking at BJJ sites trying to think of things you can say.
12. You try to get grandma to do a footlock on you.
13. When your family members begin to lose feeling in their joints.
14. Last night you dreamt that Royce Gracie put you in an armbar, and when you woke up your arm was caught between your desk and the edge of your bed.
15. When asked how BJJ deals with multiple attackers, you say "I don’t know, I've never found more than one person dumb enough to try."
16. You find it fun putting house pets (e.g. dogs and cats) into locks, chokes, and holds.
17. When you start wanting to test your BJJ skills against big guys at bars and clubs.
18. It becomes increasingly difficult to say "so your a black belt in Tae kwon do-- that very impressive," with a straight face.
19. You catch yourself attempting to pass your girlfriends guard.
20. You talk in broken English, even though you're a college graduate.
21. You practice chokes on anyone that turns his back to you.
22. When someone tries to give you a hug you immediately drop into base and execute a hip throw.
23. When your significant other comes over and you greet her with an open guard instead of a hug.
24. When you find yourself twisting and mangling your ears trying to get the cauliflower to look cool.
25. You start teaching your 10-month-old baby the mount, the side mount, and the guard.
26. When breaking joints becomes an everyday thing.
27. When nobody is around, you start doing submissions to your pillow.
28. Your Gi has more patches on it than a whole company of Girl Scout uniforms.
29. During the winter you wear your Gi top around the house instead of a sweater or turning on the heat.
30. You’re trying to get your friends to the BJJ gym just to show them what a great Lion-Killer you have.

Varying my training

Starting to vary my game

Along with training Brazilian jiu jitsu, I have started to vary my workouts, and take advantage of the classes available at my school. So now along with my normal 4 days of Bjj I started at the beginning of the year doing muay Thai kickboxing with our coach Kenny. Muay Thai is great, I learn more every day and am starting to feel a little bit more comfortable standing up.


A few months ago Pat McPhereson started teaching the mma class at our school. So now I'm training mma. It's a great chance to start putting things together and getting some no gi training against some tough opponents. I have found one drawback to doing the mma class though, the vasaline we put on our faces, really sticks to long hair….

Finally wrestling class has started and I absolutely love it! The wrestling coach has started improving my takedowns and defense. He even shows how to mix Bjj and wrestling together. Even though I am doing all these other classes they all seem to tie in and make me a more technical jiu jitsu fighter.

Here is a little video from my second wrestling class.

I do not know if I will ever do an mma fight but knowing I have more than just just my ground game in my arsenal makes me feel a little more confident, and a little more safe.

And of course a good picture of the team, The great thing is this picture is just from a regular practice day!


25 May 2010

A shout out to my Sponsors.

TO everyone out there I am going to put up the information on my Sponsors. They are a great couple of companies that are helping my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu dreams come true. 

L:ike I said these great companies are helping me make my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu dreams come true and I have to give them lots of love. Thank you so so much guys, I'll be keeping them on my gi and rash guard and in all the stuff I do!

So if anyone gets a chance PLEASE go check out these websites, show some love!!


The return of Marcello Monteiro's women's BJJ Classes!

Last year we started to make a push at our school to get the girls feeling a little more comfortable at or with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. So the ladies at my school started doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes for females only. Well after talking we've decided to pick them back up. Hopefully with this initiative, we can further women doing BJJ in or region, invite other girls to come train with us, and make our presence a little more known in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

So who's game for maybe a little change? Guys if you know females that are interested in trying BJJ or want to get your significant others into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so we can all share a little mat time, let them know about the womens only class!

Here is the facebook group!
Women's BJJ

24 May 2010

La Vida es Sueno, Lifes a dream

So after almost a year of hiding I am going to try and return to blogging. It has been a rough few months for me and although I do have an old blog at I realized I needed to start clean. So that is what I am doing.

As for the Title La Vida es SueƱo, is from a short Spanish story, and it means Life is a Dream. That is what the past year seemed to be for me... A dream, a ton of good dreams, some nightmares... All of it unexpected, and learning experiences.

So now here I am 23 years old a college graduate, with a full time job that works, but chomping at the bit after the year I had in 2009. I'm not the same and don't think I ever could be if I tried. Now I need to make more dreams come true... Work harder, to improve my life... What I am doing isn’t enough.

So here is what my plan for this year is

Throw myself into whatever job I am doing and make the best of it.

Train jiu jitsu like there is no tomorrow. Work my butt off for my purple belt. Do my best at every competition

Go back to freelance reporting

Completely revamp what I eat… The food I eat makes me feel fat and lazy.

Work hard at not letting people get to me.

Go back to Spain, just for a visit….