24 March 2011

Support and the trip to pan ams!

Well last night after getting my hair done for the tournament, I got quite an awesome surprise from my team.

Coach Robert told me even though I couldn't grapple I still needed to come in for my send off before the tournament. I did and was very nicely surprised by the team. They had all signed a card wishing me well and Robert had two chocolates, one for before I compete and the second for recovery after I'm done competing.

It was a really awesome sentiment and I'm really grateful. Now the plan is to come back with my shield, or on it either way I'm leaving it all out there.

So now I'm in Cali. It was an easy flight... I slept the whole way on an awesome plane. Seriously if you never have flown Virgin Airways, they are pretty awesome. Very nice clean airplanes, free wifi, etc. I've been relaxing and watching my weight going through my plans for tomorrow and just staying positive. It's going to be a good tournament I am excited to compete. Thank you to everyone who has shown me support. Thank you to the Bjj Lifestyle for paying for my entrance fee. An thank you to my friends helping me out this week.

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