16 March 2011

So sore!

So today was another round of kill Katie! I am currently writing from my ice bath... Gah ice bath, hopefully this works.. It was a difficult class and I am under instructions to do this but I'm freezing!!

Class started at 5 for me. 15 min of take downs at 30%. then it was kill Katie gauntlet! 3 people switched every 2.5 mini got a 2 min break after one rotation. Then went through the rotation again. After that I rolled about 10 min with Tristan.

Class started and we worked a pretty cool flow drill that works two different ways to get out of side control and end up with your opponent in side control.

Half way through class my muscles started to knot up in my back and shoulders. I had to stop drilling and when Robert saw what was happening he got one of the brown belts to do pressure points on my back and loosen up a lot of the knots. Then I was actually told to go home, rest and of course do the ice bath.. So at home I did my meditation/ visualization... Which I am struggling with a little.. Mainly because of my short attention span.

Anyway here are some photos of my new gym. There is so much space!!!!

The grappling room

The stand up room

There is also the changing rooms, bathrooms, showers, front area, and crossfit room! I'll get more pictures!

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