11 March 2011

A big change

So I've not posted in almost a week about training for pan ams. It has been an adjustment week for me. I officially left my gym at Fife Bjj, aka Gamebred, and have joined another team. It's been a difficult decision, but something I needed to do.

I of course will miss my old teammates. But sometimes when things aren't right, no matter how hard you try, it does not work. I will definitely miss teaching the Children's classes, they were the highlight of my days, and the reason I stalled so long on leaving. I am glad some of you have promised to keep in touch, and i wish all of you good luck this weekend at the Revolution.

As for my new team. They don't know this page exists but I want to thank them for taking me in. Robert has been extremely helpful in making the transition to a new team easier. Everyone is very positive, and so many people have been so welcoming and open, it's been an easy transition.

I left for personal reasons. I do not want to get into them too much. It is difficult to hear what is being said but like I said when I left I hope for the best for my old school and wish them luck. I will always be professional, always be polite. To my friends there I will remain a friend and if there is any help I can give, I will try.

With all of that being said. I can't remember the last time I was sore when I woke up the next day from Bjj. I've been training non stop and working my butt off. I'm lucky to have a few people my size and blue belt level to train with. I love being able to help out in kids' class.

Now that I have gotten acclimated to my new gym I will start updating daily again. If you have any questions about the split, and you need to know, please contact me. I will only give out as much information as necessary

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  1. Out of interest, what's the new team affiliation, if you don't mind me asking? No worries if you'd rather not say.

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  3. I am now training at Bjj of Olympia. The black belt is Robert Owens. I will actually be writing about them soon, I've just been putting it off..

  4. Ah, that's under the Carlson lineage, presumably? I look forward to your post about it. :)

  5. Yep! I've stayed under that lineage... Not sure why but I've always just ended up at Carlson gracie lineage schools..

  6. Well. To be fair. We here at BJJ Oly are pretty awesome!

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