28 December 2010

The Joys of Teaching

So now that I have gotten settled in Washington, I’ve started teaching the little kids bjj class and started helping with the Juinior Adults bjj class at my gym. I’ve got to say it some of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The kids class has students from the ages of 3-6 and the junior adults are 7 and up. The kids though never cease to amaze me. I’ve always been stunned at the young kids i see competing bnut the more i teach the move i realize that if you get kids into jiu jitsu and sports at a young age the faster their coordination evolves, the more outgoing, and confident they become. Bailey is the pack leader of the 3-6 year olds, she has been in jiu jitsu the longest out of them and not only knows tons of technique, she can shrimp better than most of the adults. She also loves to help fix the other kids techniques. Nico is the youngest at 3 but even he amazes me with how much he can do and how easily he picks up the training. The junior adults are great too1 if they do any little thing wrong as soon as we tell them how to correct it they have it down! Some of them are too smart for their own good. They love to compete, love to play jiu jitsu games, and just generally shock us with their technique on a daily basis. Anyway enough talking here are some videos of the kids and i will definitely be talking more about these awesome kids.

21 December 2010


So UFC is coming to Seattle!!!!! I’m really excited because last time I had an absolute blast running around Indianapolis and talking to the fighters. This time it will be March 26th in Seattle. But it kind of stinks because by the 24th I will be in California competing at Pan- Ams. So I’m going to try to get as much coverage as possible before heading to pan ams.

I’ve heard a few of the guys from Indiana will be fighting on the card and possibly even visiting to train. It will be great to see a few teammates again. As more info comes up on not only the Pan Ams, but the Fight Night I will be posting them on here and seeing what fun stuff I can get planned for it!

Oh by the way the main event for Fight Night 24 will be Ortiz vs Little Nogueira.

18 December 2010

A little Christmas picture

So my iPhone has an Elf your face app, instead of doing the face, i did the association logo! Enjoy!!

13 December 2010

My BJJ Christmas Wish List

Everyone has a Christmas gift list. Well just for fun I made a BJJ wish list. I know it’s all far fetched, but hey you have to admit we all have dreams of what we want out there… So Jiu Jitsu Santa, if you’re out there, here is my Christmas list, I am also sending one to you in the mail. But I have to ask do I send it to the North Pole, or are you down in Rio somewhere training?


1. A new mouthpiece, I haven’t had one in years32271

2.. the drawstring bag made out of jiu jitsu gi. 

3. A sponsor or two to help with my Airfare to tournaments.

4. All Expenses paid training trip for two, preferably to Brazil or San Diego… both have amazing BJJ.

Blue_to_Purple_48cfb3802b0385. A new gi, preferably a nice one, I’ve had the same two for about 4 years now… They are just to small. And I will give them to a kid or two on my team that have outgrown theirs..

6. Marcello C Monteiro’s full BJJ DVD Curriculum.

7. Assortment of jiu jitsu tees. maybe even a few to give away fight-soapon here.

8. The chance to do a self defense seminar for a local girl scout group or two.

9. Enough Fight Soap to build a fort.

10. Like 20 kids in the little kids BJJ class, so I can teach them all of the time and have crazy/ fun classes. 

3226611. A few ranked rash guards.

12. Keiko Raca Supplex capris

13. Private bjj lessons

14. More jiu jitsu….

15. Whatever my school needs equipment wise, I want everyone who goes there to get the training they deserve.

So what would you ask for from the BJJ Santa? This was in a perfect world, and Santa brought me unlimited presents…

07 December 2010

Athlete Update : Ruben Alvarez

72227_1641562127315_1484672447_1588285_3827668_nRuben Alvarez was one of the first people I interviewed on my blog. He’s a 19 year old purple belt from Fight Sports South beach who has worked his way up, and has competed and placed in the top tournaments. Unfortunately Ruben had a pretty unfortunate injury happen to him this past summer and he has been working hard to get back into the sport he loves.

Injuries happen in our sport and some of them can be really bad. Because Ruben is a friend I wanted to make sure I featured him, and kept tabs on his recovery. From a few weeks after the injury happened to getting back to practice, and hopefully his first tournament back.

When were you injured?

I was injured July 18th

Describe what happened to you.62018_1587613618636_1484672447_1480739_5199465_n

I broke my leg in two places competing against Hector Lombard, Bellator MMA champion.

What is the extent of your injury?

the tibia and fibula were broken

How long did the doctor say you would be out?

One year

How long were you out?

I was out 4 months, But I am waiting to get the screws and plates out.69812_1641562207317_1484672447_1588287_1254799_n

What did you do to aid in your recovery?

I did lots of physical rehab.

How did you work your jiu jitsu while injured?

I watched lots of videos of many different grapplers I like.

When Was your first practice back?

October 21st, a few days before the Miami Open

How was your first day back to class?67694_170648006282593_162955207051873_653898_6526322_n

It was Amazing, I almost cried. Just to see my instructor smiling was the best feeling.

What has your training been like since you got back onto the mats?

It’s been ok. I’m still getting used to what I can and cannot do.

Do you have your eyes set on an upcoming tournament?

Hopefully,ADCC trials in March and Mundials in June, if God lets me.

69812_1641562247318_1484672447_1588288_4937098_nDo you have any advice for other people going through a rough recovery?

Man try to stay positive. It’s hard trust me. I had my ups and downs. I owe all my recovery to friends and family.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

I would like to thank my brother Hard Core for all he did, he was a major impact. My great instructor Cyborg, who helped me keep a focused mind and positive thoughts. He is my hero, if it was not for him I would not be there. My father and mother, I love them so much and I would not have made it without them. Enrico Cocco for always coming by and checking on me, and giving me positive feedback. He helped me a lot and is a great person. And all of my teammates from Avengers, Fight Sports, Deninho Fight Team, and Zen BJJ, thank you all for the calls and wishes, much love to all of them