25 January 2012

A great practice back

Tonight was my second no gi class back after being cleared to train. My first class back was killer. I'm not use to the training and I'm feeling it both legs. We've worked a lot in the past to classes I've gone to on positional sparring. We do 6x2 min. rounds of positional sparring from guard, the second time was 6x2 min. rounds of positional sparring from side control. After that we did 30% takedown drills. Finally we started standing up and after the takedown. We had 1 min sparring on the ground (iron man style).

I'm really excited that I actually was able to do the whole practice and I'm not feeling any pain. I even did the 30% takedown drill without too much stress on my knee. When we went live starting from standing though I was a little more cautious. I didn't fight takedowns, and I didn't really go for any either. Honestly I'm just so nervous right now about takedowns... I know it will take me a while to get back into everything but some things are just going to take longer for me to get accustomed to again.

Tomorrow is gi class. I can't wait to get back in a gi and see how I am progressing in gi. I always preferred it to no gi but it is a completely different beast.

I'm also getting closer and closer to sitting in a proper guard.... I still can't fully sit back on my heels but I'm getting so close!!!! Wish me luck! Stretching that ligament slowly is difficult..

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23 January 2012

A list of Previous Posts pertaining to Women Training BJJ

While I get back into BJJ, blogging, and training up again, I wanted to post a list with links to past posts to topics of women training BJJ as the main topic. Each link will have the original post date, and a quick blurb on what it’s about. Enjoy! I loved writing all of them and hopefully they help in some way!


Women’s Training in BJJ

7/19/11- 3 different ways women’s training is changing and evolving. A look at women’s only classes, open mats, and women’s only seminars (Girls in Gis)

Why Training with a Female can Help your Game

6/28/11- Written mostly for fun with the reasons compiled by comments other females and I have gotten while training with guys.

Women in BJJ

6/3/11- Women in BJJ, some of the difficulties women face and how it can seem intimidating.

The Blue Belt Triangle (Part 1)

11/9/10- On getting your blue belt, the slump of females at blue belt, and getting through it to a purple belt.

The new Obstacle for Jiu Jitsu Women

6/3/10- Pregnancy and jiu jitsu. Training BJJ, getting pregnant and trying to train while pregnant.


Alright I am off to practice!! wish me luck on teaching munchkins and then no gi class tonight! I cant wait to train and see how I feel!!

16 January 2012

Returning to Bjj and blogging

After 6 months of trying to be good and not push it too much with light training I'm excited to be able to start training again on Wednesday! My knee has regained muscle, even though it still has a little bit to go to be the same as my right leg. It doesn't hurt, but the muscles are sore, which I can handle.

I am excited for the next few weeks... I'm hoping I can find that fire again just by being on the mats, not having to baby it every time.

Las Vegas has been kind of a cool vacation for me. I got my first real vacation in over a year. I went to see where they hold the UFC at Mandalay bay, and went to the tattoo shop inside the hard rock hotel. The interesting part was 2 of the tattoo artists at Hart and Huntington did Brazilian jiu jitsu at Lloyd Irvin's school in Vegas. one was a purple belt, riddled with injuries but he has always gone back to training.

One other pretty cool thing happened, women representing Brazilian jiu jitsu actually went hunting through my blog and pulled out a old post I had written about the slump for most women in Bjj. Because there was such an interest in it I will be putting links to some of the old ones in my next post just to bring them to the forefront and make them a little more accessible.

My goal for this year in Bjj? Stripes on my purple belt.

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