25 July 2011

Well it is official!

It is official, I will be having surgery next Tuesday. After a pretty stressful day, the consensus  is there is at least part of an ACL there. Unfortunately there is not enough of one for me to not get it replaced. So the best option is the cadaver ACL, it has a faster recovery time, and for what the Surgeon says, women have shorter hamstring tendons which can cause problems in the future. The will also be fixing the medial meniscus tear.

I’ll have a few days off of work to recover, then it will be back to work on my best friend, crutches… (someone kill me now, I do not have the coordination to do crutches again) Nah as long as I don’t fall down the stairs again on my crutches I will be happy. I will hopefully be back to walking in my normal knee brace after a week on crutches.

The approximate timeline i have been given is

2 weeks- full weight, with knee brace slow work on straightening and bending my knee

2-6 weeks, stationary bike (slow no resistance) and swimming (yay!)

3 months some muscle conditioning and light cardio (to me this means slowly going through techniques, and only ones that I can comfrotably do)

6 months specific training!!! Working on all techniques, and light sparring/ flow rolling.

9 months full contact! Absolutely no restrictions on my practices.

1 year, back to the condition I was in before the injury, hopefully I will have a tournament done by this point, even if it is just a slow introduction tournament.

I am really glad to know what all they are fixing in my knee before they go digging in to it.  I guess recovery is the name of this blog for now. Not sure if I’m relieved or upset to know that it’s finally going to happen. It’s mostly surreal. The first few months are going to be rough. I’m lucky to have Lance', my boyfriend’s help for the first 2 weeks after surgery. After that he will be deploying, and then I am on my own. I’m hoping family will be able to visit, I would actually really love family and friends from back home to visit. I won’t lie going through this without the support system of my family near is scary. So happy thoughts! I will be a huge mat rat and will hopefully have my own little corner to sit and watch practice.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts!


  1. Girl I'm so sorry you have to go through this! Just be patient and we're with you in spirit.... here's to a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery!

  2. :( Praying that the surgery goes smoothly and wishing you a speedy recovery!!