06 July 2011

Being able to train

Since the orthopedic surgeon told me as long ad it didn't hurt, I could work out lightly, I've started to participate in practice again. Some of the techniques I have to alter to do them without hurting my knee, and take downs are completely out of the question but I can still go through 80% of the class without too much difficulty. Heck I even did modified burpees in a tabata yesterday. It was very awkward and not by any means fast, but I could do it.

I have my first physical therapy session today, and I'm excited to go. It is another step towards surgery, ad my final outcome of completely fixing my knee. I'm nervous about everything. And all of this probably couldn't come at a more stressful time, but it just makes the end result that much better. When I went in to the PT clinic, I basically told them give me their worst. I'm not gonna complain or make excuses I am doing whatever to make this work. I'm good at concealing my pain and discomfort for the most part but i really just want it to be gone, to have my range of motion back, and be able to train hard. I'll be writing about therapy tonight.

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  1. I had to have ACL surgery several years back. PT can be hard, but you have a great attitude and resolve. Hope it all goes smoothly!!

  2. I hope you get better. Make sure you take it easy and try not to re-injure yourself. I hope PT goes well.

  3. i am trying super hard to not push it. PT is a little confusing right now, I'm not understanding how doing stretches, no strength training, will rebuild muscle before surgery... I'm doing what she says... but trying to do more too....