12 July 2011

The BJJ Birthday Wish List

For Christmas I jokingly made a BJJ Christmas wish list. Funny thing is I actually ended up with a few of the things I wanted on the list. Now I’m not sure I’m going to be able to beat last years birthday. I got my purple belt a few days before my birthday, got a BJJ Life purple belt for normal day use, a purple ranked JJPG rash guard, and then on my birthday I helped coach a few teammates at a tournament then refereed the rest of the day at the tournament. I am going to try to make a BJJ Birthday wish list.

1.  My knee fixed. Not so much a BJJ wish but an every day wish. I want my knee back to mostly if not totally normal.

2. Funny/ cool bjj tees.JJT Shrimp W-2 Really I have very little fashion/ style  since my job entails me spending lots of time in a fantastic polo, shorts, and in a hot, loud indoor water park. Something to show my BA ness, while walking into and out of work while still entertaining my lifeguards would rock. The BJJ Life always has funny shirts..

3. Enough sponsors to live bjj.  That just sounds like a nice dream lol. People paying me to train all day every day. Just doing bjj. that’s all.

jjpglightgiwht-2 4. Jiu jitsu pro gear rip stop gi. Seriously have you seen these? Insanely light, insanely strong, and pretty stylish. My buddy Ty has one and he thinks it’s the bees knees. Yes, you heard me right, bees knees.

5.  more kids in my bjj class. I love teaching the little kids bjj and if I could have like 10 kids between the ages of 4 and 6 I would be ecstatic. Nothing better than going crazy while teaching bjj to kids for an hour a day 4 days a week!

6. BJJ patches.  My gi looks awful naked… not sure if I like that.. so a few patches namely a patch of my new team… would be pretty awesome

7. BJJ of Olympia gear.  i don’t have any rash guards, or BJJ Oly shirts, I need to change this. I would like to represent my new team, the next time I am at a tournament, whenever that may be…270030_10150247850449089_69520374088_6919331_3899489_n

8. Fight soap. Not just any kind though… I want the new liquid  kind. Mainly because it’s new, not out so that makes me want it more...  Besides fight soap rocks my socks on a pretty normal basis.  Seriously it smells good and prevents ringworm, life doesn’t get much better than that. 

9. Keiko Raca Capris. The black ones are cute, and they look good for no gi and working out.

10. Headgear. Gotta prevent cauliflower ear from returning… Simple as that!No idea what kind I want though.. It’s gonna be awhile till I can get back on the mats…

11. All expenses paid training trip. Brasil and or southern California, preferable to visit a bunch of bjj schools, and after my knee is fixed. No point in going if all i can do is sit and watch, at the moment.

12. BJJ belt Keychain. Thank you BJJ Life for making my life harder and making my want to buy your whole website…  now I want their cute little key chains.378_1484 There’s a purple belt one :)

13. BJJ Rashguards/ Tank Tops. Keiko Raca has tanks that  would work awesome under gis. I only have a few rash guards, they’re getting beat up, and  I want either on to represent my new team or basic BJJ ones, pretty simple, nothing fancy. (The black and green one is my favorite)

Like I said this is all in good fun.I need a goofy pick me up. Everyone has a wish list, and sometimes it’s fun to write it all down.. So what would you like for your ultimate BJJ birthday present?

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