14 July 2011

Showing off my progress.

I had my second physical therapy appointment!photo 3 I know I shocked  everyone there by the amount of progress I have made in only a week. Not only can I completely straighten my leg, but my knee can actually bend past the 90 degree mark!!! This is a huge step! With the help of gravity,photo 1 (1) there is only 5 degrees difference in my range of motion!! The swelling is low, almost non existent. After seeing the progress my physical therapist added a few light weight training exercises, and then I even had a few balance exercises…  Big surprise, my photo 1 (2)balance still sucks on my left leg. It sucked before, it sucks even more now. Oh well I knew that was a losing battle…Anyway I took a bunch of pictures, I’m excited about my progress with not only being able to bend my leg more, but also being able to use weight, bike longer with a higher resistance, and not needing to wear my knee brace all day. I feel like I’m winning lots of mini battles, even if the biggest one is still not here.

So I’m still photo 1awaiting my next actual doctors’ appointment, hopefully to set up the surgery, and go from there. The physical therapist said she couldn’t feel my ACL, which is bad, but I’m just hoping she’s loony and it really is attached in there. Anyway I’m going to keep working my butt off to help heal my knee. I’m not good at beiphoto 3 (1)ng injured so I will push my discomfort level, and work to get as much strength as possible built up! That last picture is of the amount I rode on the stationary bike, 3.07 miles on level 8 resistance, in 15 min. yay!!Take that you dumb knee! I’m gonna come out on top!

photo 4

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