15 February 2011

Tournaments and such

I figured I would do a little bit of an update since I’ve not been writing much recently.

There are two tournaments coming up for my team out here, the Revolution, a local organization, and the Pan Ams. The Revolution is March 12, and Pan Ams are March 24- 27. With these two tournaments coming up almost everyone is in competition mode. I am also going to keep a running list on the side of my blog, it will be of upcoming events in my area, so hopefully it will give people tournaments to look forward to. 

Class schedules have changed so I am now teaching all of the kids jiu jitsu classes, which is a huge blessing. They are absolutely amazing to work with and every class I am more and more surprised at how fast all of them learn. There are about 8 children in the 3-6 year old class, and probably around 20 junior adults. When class is full it is definitely a sight to see.

A few weeks ago I was asked to be in a documentary about women who do jiu jitsu. I am very honored and humbled to be in it because honestly I wouldn’t expect to be asked to do something like this. There are a few other women from all over the world who have agreed to do it as well, and it is a great project. you can read more about the documentary and everything that has been going on with it here at lutadoras.

I promise to find more things to write about, more videos and pictures to put up, and hopefully even another product review, I just need to get rid of my writers’ block!


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