24 February 2011

Getting ready for pan ams

So a few things have been stalling a lot of my writing recently. None of them are really what I consider good reasons but regardless they have made it more difficult to write. So what I'm going to do is write about my daily training getting ready for Pan Ams. Today is a bad day to start it but I will anyway.

It snowed today, and for some reason 1" of snow = impending doom in western Washington. I ended up working a 12 hour shift at work to help out. By the time that I could leave the roads were a mess and I couldn't make it in time for Bjj. It honestly made me upset, any time I miss Bjj I'm bummed. So it's now 1:06 am and I just got home from a good hour and a half at the gym. I honestly have to say I love Anytime Fitness for always being open. I did a core workout and a nice card workout as well to make sure I'm getting the best of both worlds every time I lift.

Tomorrow will be more back to normal, work, teaching kids and jr adults, advanced Bjj training, then weights again!

I know I'm doing it weird by weight lifting being so late, but for some reason it works best for me this way.

Anyways stay in touch more about training, lifting, balancing home and Jiu jitsu life, effective ways to get ready for tournaments, and product reviews are coming up.

Tuesdays jr adult class... Gotta love them. Oh and thank you Airik for being a great assistant coach I need the second set of eyes...

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