15 September 2010

A Random Blog of Updates.

This blog is going to hit on a few quick topics! Honestly none of them are long enough to stand on their own so I figured I would put them all together.

First off, I randomly get free gear sent to me, and some of it doesn’t fit or at this point, I really don’t want, be it because I don’t think it looks good, or I have too many pairs etc, already... From now on if I get one of these objects, and it has to do with BJJ I will be having little contests on here. If you win I will find a way to get it to you ok? Sweet! I have a few little things right now, so I’ll work to put something together as a contest!

Secondly, with the end of the year coming up, there are fewer and fewer tournaments to do. Just the nature of the beast. There is one October 16th, though, that I would LOVE to have a good showing of Team Monteiro at. Honestly we have a great group with great techniques, I think out team could place if we just had more people show up to compete together. Not only that it’s more fun to compete when you have your team there to cheer you on and keep you relaxed. It’s the Bluegrass BJJ Open in Louisville, KY. It’s not a huge tournament, like NAGA where you sit there the whole day and don’t leave until late late at night,  but the price is preregister $60, and at the door $70. Pretty good for a gi and no gi tournament. And if it’s your first tournament, that makes it all the better, low pressure situation. The team that puts it on are a good group of people too.


Athlete Spotlight Updates

Omar Sabha, has had about a month off of school. He has been travelling around  the Middle East.

In UAE I trained with a Machado brother and that's it....In Jordan I trained daily with Zaid Mirza BJJ....who are having the first MMA tournament in the Middle East in a few weeks, as well as the second biggest BJJ tournament, the Capital Challenge here....

Omar will be returning home to his team of Brazilian Top Team Long Beach in November. You’re almost home Omar!!

Ruben Alvarez, has been rehabing his leg, and still watching every bjj video he can get his hands on. He found out 9/13 that he is on crutches for 4 more weeks. Injuried like his are hard but he’s keeping his head up, studying and visiting class. Step by step Ruben, keep your head up!!

Joao Herdy Junior, was supposed to fight September 11, 2010 up in Wisconsin. Unfortunately his opponent was way over the allowed weight class, and the Wisconsin gaming commission would not allow the two to fight. So the next time Junior gets a chance to compete or fight I will plan on having the full information as quickly as possible!

Third, since about July I’ve gotten over 2,200 views to my blog! thank you so much to everyone who reads it!! Honestly it makes my day to see people are reading it, that I’m getting feedback on my posts. I’ve still got a few ideas on things I can’t wait to write, but as always I LOVE getting feed back, and ideas for articles. So please do not be shy if you want your opinion to be heard. Also, ideas for jiu jitsu polls are always welcome!

You guys are great and I hope to keep my blog growing! I may do a few video blogs, we’ll see how it works!!

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