26 September 2010

Weigh Ins!!!! UFC 119

DSC02090 So thanks to some more dumb luck I Ended up meeting Dean Lister Thursday night. Pretty awesome right? Well Friday he ended up helping me out some more by having me come with him to the UFC weigh ins where I got to sit pretty close, with all of the teams of the fighter’s… Holy heck how did I get here?? Like I said it was pretty awesome to see everything. Everyone was really nice. The would come up and joke with me. I talked a bunch with Dean about jiu jitsu, and MMA. Dean actually is a very smart man. He was teaching himself Croatian, DSC02092but already knew how to speak English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Again pretty freaking cool.  I’m going to try and interview him for a black belt spotlight.. ok here are the videos I got at the weigh ins!






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