20 August 2010

Athlete Spotlight: Ruben Alvarez

I met Ruben last NAGA Chicago, I had just gotten over tearing my bicep tendon and wasn’t able to carry the boxes full of swords.33990_1498956522045_1478101908_31277866_7950215_n Ruben helped me out, and we spent the rest of the weekend talking about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, tournaments, and what it was like training in different areas. Ruben comes from Miami, an area that is brimming with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Ruben has had a rough past couple months, losing a close friend, and teammate, Peter Bivona, during Mundials. And most recently suffering a pretty severe injury he got during a no gi absolute match. The amazing thing about Ruben though, is he has accomplished so much already. I’m positive with his determination and passion for jiu jitsu, he will easily come back better and stronger. I can’t wait to see what he does when he gets back on the mats.

What is your belt rank?

Purple belt under Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu and Mike Cardoso

How old are you?25542_1389516386329_1484672447_993499_247338_n


How long have you been training?

4 years

What team(s) do you train with?

I train with Fight Sports South Beach, Extreme MMA, Deninho BJJ, and Zen BJJ.

What are some of the bigger tournaments you have won?

I am Grapplers Quest Beast of the East Champion, and a 41138_1546929401556_1484672447_1377305_6953811_n winner of many super fights, and I have beaten many nig names, and submitted multiple brown and black belts.. I’ve won multiple Grapplers Quest and NAGA tournaments. I placed third at the Abu Dhabi trials. I am ranked number 1 in no- gi in Florida at 139 lbs.

What got you started in BJJ?

I use to do Aikido, and I heard about BJJ. So I watched videos and saw Royce Gracie kicking people’s ass so I left Aikido and went to BJJ.

How has BJJ influenced your life?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is my life.

What BJJ practitioners do you look up to?8827_1228626164174_1484672447_622389_3342015_n

Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu, Mike Cardoso, Enrico Cocco, Master Deninho, Boca Olivera, Pedro Torres, Jordon Schultz , Hillary Williams, Mike Wacker, Renato Tavares, Xande and Saulo Ribero, Terere, Jeff Glover, Ryan Hall, Cobrinha, Rafael Mendes and Gui Mendes, Andre Galvao, Justin Rader, Rafael Lovato jr , Alexandre Pulga, Tarsis Humpreys, Marcelo Garcia, Patrick Leber, Emilio Urrtia, Jake Mackenzie, Marcel Goncalves, Incredible Ribiero, Pablo Popovitch and his team, Dustin ‘Clean’ Denes, Gabriel Samurai, and my big bro Ricardo Rezende.

What techniques have interested you recently?

Well I’m getting credit for my 50/ 50 guard a lot of people have been asking me about that and my half guard. But I have been interested in different types of guard passes and things you will see when I come back. I am starting to switch up my game a lot.


Can you explain a little what happened at your last tournament?

I broke my leg against bjj black belt and Bellator champion, Hector Lombard.

What are you doing to keep up with jiu jitsu?

I’ve been talking to my coaches and to my teammates. I have been reading  read books watching  videos and instructionals of many different players of the game. I have been visiting my teams at the school. I am  still involved with community 39479_10150229330880644_501315643_14277662_5058440_neven though I'm out.

When do you get to start physical therapy, and how has everything been going since the surgery?

I'm getting stronger everyday. I  just have to take it one day at a time. The physical therapist says I'm healing faster than she has ever seen someone, and making huge progress.

What are your plans when you get back to jiu jitsu?

I am just going to train lightly until I am back to 100 percent

Is there anything you would like to add?

I wanted to thank my family, God, coaches Cyborg Mike Cardoso Enrico Cocoo and Mestre Deninho, all I love dearly. 31334_1474197343300_1484672447_1188008_1732173_nTo all my teammates I miss them and will be back soon. And last, a special shout out to Peter Bivona, my brother who will be missed. I love you and miss you bro. Jiu jitsu is not the same without you and you are deeply missed. And to Kaitlin for the interview and support. Thanks so much.


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  1. I'm pretty sure you'll be back sooner than you think , vc e guerrero (warrior) after reading this blog, i've been off the mat for 2 months for personal probs..but i cant wait to start training again, heads up man n see you soon on the mat at primetime! ossss

    daniel silva