21 September 2010

The UFC in Indianapolis!!

So this week the UFC comes to Indianapolis and along with that I have decided to run around the city looking for UFC fighters, Dana White, Joe Rogan, and the ring girls, caude heck why not have fun and get some great video? These little segments are going to be called UFC hunter, Kind of a spoof off the croc hunter, so we will see how this thing works out!

At the moment I’m sitting in on the pro MMA class. Chris Lytle is here. He’s been cracking jokes, talking about Sonnen testing positive for PED’s, and how guys his age can’t have after parties at nightclubs. Everyone is getting ready joking and having an all around good time. Practice started and everything is more serious. Some of the guys are working stand up, others are listening to Marcello who is back from Brazil, and showing jiu jitsu techniques in the other room.


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