04 August 2010

Turning 24 and Celebrating it My Way.

So Saturday the 31st. was my 24th birthday. non of my family was able to be home but I found my own way to celebrate it. The night before I went with my friend Lauren to have sushi, and quite honestly, it was amazing sushi… After an early night, I woke up super early, and drove up to the C-3 tournament put no by Braulio Corral. Since getting my purple belt i gussed there wouldn’t be any females to compete with, but I brought my stuff just in case. I didn’t really want to compete on my birthday, but I wanted to cheer on my teammates. So when I got up there we ended up having a group of the kids compete and they all did amazing jobs. After the kids Easton competed for the first time in the adult women’s division. She got first place in adult white belt absolute, and second in the no gi women’s division.

After that I really did not see many of the fights. Braulio needed extra help with refereeing. I actually got to referee the rest of the gi divisions. I have to admit it was a lot of fun! It’s kind of stressful. There are coaches on the side that are trying to coach, but at the same time if they do not think you are doing a good enough job at keeping the fight moving they yell at you, or they are arguing points/ advantages. So you have to tune everything out and watch. The worst part is when there is no score. If there are advantages given it’s better but it’s not fun when there is a tie and you have to decide who wins. At the end of the day I ended up making a few good contacts from the Chicago area.

Oh and I got two great presents for my birthday. My younger brother Collin got me a Jiu Jitsu Progear ranked rash guard. M parents said that they would pay my entrance fee for No gi Nationals. So now I’m pretty much all set! I can’t wait to go!!!

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