17 August 2010

Training with Brazilian Top Team 8/12/2010

So because of me, I won’t lie, we were late to morning practice with BTT. It was no gi class though so it was definitely a huge help. I ended up getting paired with the toughest thirteen year old I have probably ever met, Little Rudy. Rudy is probably about the same size as me and a strong kid. He does the adult classes, and kids class. I’m not sure how long he has been doing BJJ but he’s a very serious kid. I was super sore from the day before and definitely underestimated him. I was planning to go light and work through technique but Rudy was ready to go and caught me in a tight guillotine. After that I was like ok, I have to compete in a few days, you got great technique but I need to roll light is that cool? after that Rudy not only showed off how much technique he had, but he also showed how great of a training partner he could be by changing the intensity he practiced with. I really hope to hear how he does in the future. I also invited him out to Indiana because I think he’d have some great training partners in Mikey and Edwin, two of our teens, who like him, love bjj. After that I trained with another guy, who unfortunately I forget his name! I’m so sorry! but I believe he was a white belt, had only been training a little while but was definitely hard to control. He had a good base and he really was great to train with because he wasn’t too much bigger than me. Finally I trained with Marcelo and he absolutely kicked my butt, started pointing out the mistakes I was making and pushed me through two rounds of sparring.

After sparring we did a few more errands, had a pretty healthy lunch of turkey burgers, and shockingly went back to the beach! This time I brought my bjj stuff with me so we weren’t late to practice.

Night class was MMA ground for an hour, where I learned a few cool little tricks, and again went with Marcelo. I tried to remember the pointers he showed me but I made a few of the same mistakes, and learned my lesson!

During gi class, I only worked techniques, all three black belts told me to sit and rest during Sparring. During this time I met a few more people on the team, talked abuot jiu jitsu, and watched the rest of the team spar. Probably the most interesting guy was someone named JP. He’s a gigantic guy, with a crazy sense of humor, and this bottle….Yes Bottle. Marcelo had gotten JP a bottle they use to feed baby cows, and JP uses it every day. So of course, pictures of this had to be taken…

DSC01963  JP and his Baba

Thank you guys for being such great sports!!


  1. Glad to see you were treated so well by the team at BTT and that you got the meet the famous "JP". I was very lucky to end up at BTT and to have such a great instructor as Marcelo Perdomo. The level of BJJ is amazing and the feeling you are part of a family is something you won't ever get from a BJJ studio who exists with the primary concern to make money without regard to the level of BJJ they teach. The De la Riva Sweeps shouldn't surprise you at BTT, since he was a Carlson Gracie black belt and BTT comes from the Carlson Gracie lineage of BJJ.

  2. it surprised em because in 3 years of training bjj i had only seen de la riva people know how to use it. I've gotten to train with other schools, but had never even seen them practice it. and when i used it everyone would freeze. It was really cool seeing you guys do it though! that's what i liked so much!

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