29 July 2010

Hitting a Huge Milestone.

Monday night after working a fairly long shift at the pool I went to train with my team. Marcello was back in to and having a seminar. He showed a bunch of great half guard positions, and some new submissions to work on. It was overall an amazing seminar, and it was great to have Marcello back in town.


Not only was it a seminar but Monday night was a stripe and belt promotion. Many white belts were given more stripes, a few blue belts were awarded stripes. Even Big Mountain and Brad Maddox two of the brown belts were given another stripe on their belts.

Pat McPhereson who has been training on and off with Marcello since the very beginning was promoted from his ‘permanent’ blue belt, to purple belt.

After Pat was given his purple belt, Marcello turned his attention towards me. He said a few words then awarded me my purple belt! I was a nervous wreck I won’t lie. I’m very honored that Marcello feels I’m ready for my purple belt and I want to do nothing more than represent the academy as well as possible. So now there is even more to work at. Competition will be much more difficult, with even less females at the Purple belt level. So now I’m going to work hard to just better my teammates, be a good teammate, a good competitor. and Keep everyone informed of anything coming up.


I am so blessed to have a great team, great coaches, and people to support me. You guys definitely make every practice better!!



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  1. Wow, totally managed to miss this: so, a very belated congrats on the purple! :)