05 August 2010

The Plan for this Blog.

Ok so I should probably give everyone a brief overview of what I hope to do with this blog. First and foremost it will be a mainly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blog that branches occasionally into MMA, wrestling, muay thai, etc. What I want to do though, is have any tournaments that I go to will be put up on here, with any major fights being highlighted, and possibly even a few interviews from the tournament. I am gong to try my hardest to get interviews from coaches, and black belts, I don’t know how good my connections are, but believe me, I will use them to hopefully get good ones as often as possible. I really want to be able to show how BJJ is affecting different areas or communities.I hope that the Athlete spotlights, will become a weekly article. Some of the ones I have in mind are

  1. Manuel de Celis, Gracie Barra Sevilla
  2. Omar Sabha, BTT Long Beach, but Living in Prague
  3. Ruben Alvarez, Fight Sports South Beach
  4. Vanessa Smith, Marcello C. Monteiro
  5. Mike Reyna, Champion Jiu Jitsu
  6. Jean Phellippe, GB Montreal
  7. Luke Summerfield, Neutral Ground

And finally, I have been offered by a few different teams the chance to visit and train, either by the coaches or by students who have become friends through jiu jitsu. I already have a pretty long list of schools that I can’t wait to visit. Here they are in no particular order, including where they are located.

  1. Brazilian Top Team Long Beach.   Long Beach, CA
  2. Fight Sports.   Miami, FL
  3. Team Helio Soneca.   Louisville, KY
  4. Champion Jiu Jitsu.   Chicago, IL
  5. Gracie Barra.   Chicago, IL
  6. Robert Lovi BJJ.   San Diego, CA.
  7. Texas, there are a few schools out there.

I am sure there is one or two that I am missing, and if there are I am truly sorry, let me know and I will update the list! Team Marcello C. Monteiro is always my home, but I have to say thank you to everyone who has invited me to visit!

So yea! there will be the occasional random post put in here of course. I can’t promise I won’t ramble, because that is normal for me… I really look forward to seeing what I can get done. The next main articles will be training with Brazilian Top Team, Long Beach; and interview with their coach Marcelo Perdomo; and my experience at No Gi Natoinals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As always suggestions are not only welcome, they are encouraged! If there is something or someone you want to see, let me know and I will try my best to get it done! Stay tuned, this is about to get very busy!

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