07 June 2010

To Fight Sports South Beach

On the final day of Mundials, there were victories to celebrate, and a teammate to remember for team Fight Sports. Fight Sports coach Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu finished second today in the Black belt ultra heavyweight division. They also had two more athletes win their division, and one get third.

One of the athletes that went was a guy named Peter Bivona. And Although I do not know Peter very i thought it was necessary to talk about him. He added me as a friend a few weeks ago on Facebook, and from the little bit of talking we did he seemed to really love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He competed at Mundials, and although he did not do so well, he vowed to come back next year more prepared and ready to do his best. Unfortunately Peter won’t have another chance to compete at Mundials. Saturday night a status update appeared on his profile “In pain can’t sleep” Sunday morning one of his teammates Asked everyone to pray for Peter because he was in the hospital. By the end of competition on Sunday, Pater had passed away. So far what is known is that Peter Died of a blood clot in his lung. And since the news of him passing broke, there has been an overwhelming response to it. Pictures, videos, prayers to his friends and family.

 28533_406480713146_660413146_4162648_2306152_nPeter, Saturday after competing at Mundials

I know I cannot do him justice, because I barely knew him. But it is always devastating when someone in the jiu jitsu community passes. Peter was described by one of his teammates as being “like a brother and a dad to him, he was the life of the team.” My sincerest condolences to Team Fight Sports and to all of Peter’s friends and family.

A paypal account has been created for donations to Peter Bivona and his family. All of the proceeds will go to help defray the coasts of the service and ceremony.  Peter Rage Fund


Peter training at Fight Sports.

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