01 July 2010

Why you don’t give me too much down time at work..

Well I started working again as a Lifeguard/ crew leader in training/ swim lessons instructor etc. for a pool. yay right? It’s money so no big deal. It also gives me time to train brazilian jiu jitsu. Which of course is the main goal that i have most days… Nothing like being obsessed. Anyway one of the guys I guard with has been asking a lot about what I train in He got really excited and started asking me about techniques, positions, how the points work, everything. So while we had a break, we decided to go over some basic moves, and positions. So they learned about mount, back mount, sweeps, side control, and knee – on- belly. Also the two guys learned an arm bar from mount, a rear naked choke, and finally a kimura from guard. So here is pictures of lifeguard bjj. It’s fun to breakup the monotony!!

DSC01905 trying the Rear naked choke.. not right, but I fixed it..


DSC01907 showing the armbar, poor supervisor..

Like I said it was fun. and hey, if there are any injuries, we can do ffirst aid to ourselves!

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  1. Gotta love when you can have some fun at work, as well as spark the interest of learning in others around you. Keep up the awesome work!