21 August 2011

Working on this knee…

I’m in week three of trying to recover from surgery, and it isphoto 1 (4) rough. I knew it would be but after starting to feel so good with my knee before surgery, this just stinks. I’m knocked back down to about the same amount of pain, range of motion and ability as I was when I first got injured. Most of my pain is in my toes or hip, I’ve actually stopped walking as much as I was and am now using crutches again. I’m not sure what is going on but it’s kind of stinking.

My knee is still swollen, it bends to about 95 degrees, but it can’t photo 2 (4) straighten yet… The pain sucks... It’s the worst part, it never goes away, not even when I use pain medicine, so I’m just working on dealing with it. The good news? They took my stitches out, my cuts are tiny, and not only that the doctor says I am on track with my healing. My doctor lost pictures of them doing surgery on my knee, I really wished he wouldn’t have so I could  have possibly put the pictures up on here.

I can’t wait to be back at practice. I’ve done almost 3 weeks, 3 months is the mark for techniques. I’m walking (with a decent limp) I can feel when I  stretch the graft a little too much, it feels crazy, not really painful, just weird. I’ve started back at teachingphoto 3 (3) kids class again (they’re adorable) and they are fascinated with the cuts and all. I’m dressing out for practice of my own, but just sitting and watching, helping where I can with what little things are missing when people are doing techniques. It’s amazing how much I am picking up, even though I can’t actually try the techniques, I can sit and watch and help with little issues that arise.

I start real physical therapy next week.. wish me luck!!


  1. How did you mess up your knee and what kind of surgery did you get done?

  2. Teammate jumped guard and slipped into my knee. It did a whole bunch of damage... I had arthroscopic surgery and they fixed up my ACL. It's not a full replacement but am ACL repair