10 August 2011

Knee Surgery

So Tuesday, August 2nd I had surgery photo 2 (3)on my knee!! I woke up from surgery and heard 2 good things, #1 my meniscus had healed back. I guess it’s possible, I had no idea. #2 My ACL was better than they thought. It was still torn, but I didn’t need to have it fully replaced! Instead they wove the cadaver ACL in with what was left of my ACL. I am now part zombie!

So now all of that work I did in therapy, seems almost like a waste. I know photo 1 (3)it wasn’t, it will hopefully help me recover. But its a little frustrating to be back at the exact point I was at when I injured myself. Lots of aches and pains, minimal walking (mostly crutches) minimal range of motion, eh this stinks.

Anyway here are some beautiful pictures of my knee. I ice it every night, work through my few stretches and exercises. There is of course swelling and cuts, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!


  1. The 2 things you heard were good news :P I hope that reduces your recovery time and everything heals well.

  2. Part zombie!! That is awesome!! lol Hope you have a smooth recovery! :)

  3. Just discovered you on my Twitter; thanks for finding me! Am getting scared and nervous and pee'd off about my surgery coming up on 30 Sept (even though I know it is for the best, in the longer term, and is a positive thing I should be grateful for). Excited to follow your journey and have an ACL-recovery twin! I too will be sharing my experiences on my blog and will look forward to reading your own thoughts and sharing in your journey back to fitness. Best wishes for a swift recovery!