27 August 2011

Winning a few Mini Battles.

I had physical therapy again. This time I had some really good results! They put me on the bicycle no resistance, and just wanted to see how far I could go before my knee would stop me from finishing the revolution. I did a full revolution on the first try! I had to go slow, but it was great! I did about 30 revolutions and then got to go onto the next activity.

After that I did the inclined sled (i cant remember the name at the moment) and di small leg presses to get my quads to strengthen.

I was given 2 more at home workouts to do and an at home stretch as well. I love getting new things to do because it’s just more advancement on my knee!

We measured my range of motion again, and only checked two measurements, the two that matter,flexing and straightening. I am at –5 for straightening my leg (5 degrees off from my leg being straight, it wont get all the way there until the swelling goes down. AS for flexing my leg, well the big news is I photogained 15 degrees of movement!! I went from 95 degrees bent, to 110 degrees bent! that’s a 15 degree gain!!

The final thing my therapist did was put this webbing of kinesio tape on my knee. She said it would somehow help encourage the draining of the swelling away from my knee.  My knee looks like I have two fighting tan squids on them.

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