23 August 2011

My First Post Op Physical Therapy

I had my first physical therapy appointment Monday. It was a huge eye opener. I’m kind of worried. I’ve never had a bad therapy appointment but oh my lord, I have to relearn everything. I am working on the most basic things like walking, going up and down the stairs, how I sit, I can’t even think of it all. My physical therapist is actually upset that I am back at work and walking on a wet floor. Oh well, I’m not sitting at home while I need to work.

My biggest issue right now is the atrophy to my Quadriceps. I can’t get them to fire enough to straighten my leg. So I’m doing lots of little workouts, just to get my quads in my left leg strong enough to fire as soon as I try, not struggle to get them to work properly.

We did measure my range of motion though, I’m going to try and get constant updates (if I could take pictures of the numbers I would…) But here are the results thus far. I can get my knee to bend to about 95 degrees. If I am standing without my knee brace, I am 15 degrees off of straight, if the knee brace is on, 18 degrees, when I am sitting down trying to get my knee to straighten I am 5 degrees off. So my issue  is that strength… I have to get it back so my leg will be able to straighten.

I just keep hoping, and working… I want to get back on the mats, back to no pain, back to a normal life. Not that life is ever normal, but back to a not so pained place. Oh and one other thing, I went to practice Tuesday, it was gi class, and we actually did some side control work. I got to work a few of the techniques I won’t lie I felt like I was breaking the rules, but it was totally worth it. I made sure I went slow, and didn’t push anything. The rest of the techniques were too difficult to do without using my legs so I only went through the upper body motions, and stopped. One day at a time…

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