13 December 2010

My BJJ Christmas Wish List

Everyone has a Christmas gift list. Well just for fun I made a BJJ wish list. I know it’s all far fetched, but hey you have to admit we all have dreams of what we want out there… So Jiu Jitsu Santa, if you’re out there, here is my Christmas list, I am also sending one to you in the mail. But I have to ask do I send it to the North Pole, or are you down in Rio somewhere training?


1. A new mouthpiece, I haven’t had one in years32271

2.. the drawstring bag made out of jiu jitsu gi. 

3. A sponsor or two to help with my Airfare to tournaments.

4. All Expenses paid training trip for two, preferably to Brazil or San Diego… both have amazing BJJ.

Blue_to_Purple_48cfb3802b0385. A new gi, preferably a nice one, I’ve had the same two for about 4 years now… They are just to small. And I will give them to a kid or two on my team that have outgrown theirs..

6. Marcello C Monteiro’s full BJJ DVD Curriculum.

7. Assortment of jiu jitsu tees. maybe even a few to give away fight-soapon here.

8. The chance to do a self defense seminar for a local girl scout group or two.

9. Enough Fight Soap to build a fort.

10. Like 20 kids in the little kids BJJ class, so I can teach them all of the time and have crazy/ fun classes. 

3226611. A few ranked rash guards.

12. Keiko Raca Supplex capris

13. Private bjj lessons

14. More jiu jitsu….

15. Whatever my school needs equipment wise, I want everyone who goes there to get the training they deserve.

So what would you ask for from the BJJ Santa? This was in a perfect world, and Santa brought me unlimited presents…

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  1. I want a new blue belt. The one I have is baby light blue and that's what guys at my old academy called it, Baby Blue Belt. At my new academy people everyone I meet keeps asking if I am a white belt.

    That's not cool since I've been practicing since '04