28 May 2010

Varying my training

Starting to vary my game

Along with training Brazilian jiu jitsu, I have started to vary my workouts, and take advantage of the classes available at my school. So now along with my normal 4 days of Bjj I started at the beginning of the year doing muay Thai kickboxing with our coach Kenny. Muay Thai is great, I learn more every day and am starting to feel a little bit more comfortable standing up.


A few months ago Pat McPhereson started teaching the mma class at our school. So now I'm training mma. It's a great chance to start putting things together and getting some no gi training against some tough opponents. I have found one drawback to doing the mma class though, the vasaline we put on our faces, really sticks to long hair….

Finally wrestling class has started and I absolutely love it! The wrestling coach has started improving my takedowns and defense. He even shows how to mix Bjj and wrestling together. Even though I am doing all these other classes they all seem to tie in and make me a more technical jiu jitsu fighter.

Here is a little video from my second wrestling class.

I do not know if I will ever do an mma fight but knowing I have more than just just my ground game in my arsenal makes me feel a little more confident, and a little more safe.

And of course a good picture of the team, The great thing is this picture is just from a regular practice day!


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