01 January 2011

Big shout out to BJJ Santa.

So Apparently BJJ Santa got at least part of my Christmas list this year. And I was honestly stunned! So here is a quick breakdown of what I got…

I got a new gi, correction 2 NEW gis! One white Keiko Raca, and one pink association gi!!! The pink one is somewhere in the mail. big thank you to a mister Michael Proctor who got them for me.


Second I got a t-shirt! Thank you to Jonathan from MMAshorts.com for hooking me up! I will be posting a little blurb about them. It was really cool because he stumbled across my post emailed me and offered a shirt! it also came with candy canes so that was pretty awesome too!!

photo (1) photo (4)

Thirdly, I got a slug of viscous vixen fight soap… not the fort I was hoping for… but there is rumor that I may be getting more Fight Soap… Kind of excited, I am a nerd/ clean freak like that….

photo (2) photo (3)

So yea there is a little bit of excitement there. I was definitely not expecting to get this stuff so it just made everything better!

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