03 January 2011

The Required New Years Resolutions

So it’s the New Year which means I need to put up my resolutions… I’ve had a few days to think about them and I think I have a good list…

1. Compete at IBJJF Nationals, Pan Ams, and Mundials. Be comfortably ready for all three and make a good impression.

2. Keep my body weight low so I do not have to cut as much to make my division. This will just be over all helpful since there is no way I can make the next lowest division..

3. More weight trraining, more running… I hate running…

4. Positive attitude all the time, even on bad days, just keep up the happy thoughts!

5. Teach my bjj Kids as much as possible and help any of them compete that want to.

6. Teach a few seminars for the local girl scouts on bully proofing and  stranger danger topics.

7. Get back to writing on the blog, post things people want to read and things people enjoy, check out my older stuff and give me any feedback!.

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