12 September 2012

Nigh at The Fights: Absolute Chaos 3

Saturday September 8th was Absolute Chaos’ third show. There were 12 total fights lined up, 4 MMA fights, 6 kickboxing fights, and 2 muay thai kickboxing matches. Most of the fights went to decision, but there were a few standout matches, and with all shows, a few unexpected hiccups. Everything from fighters coming late, not having their physicals, to an pretty severe injury. By far though the fight of the night, was the heavyweight title fight.

1. Sunny McNeely (Independent) vs. James Davis (Ivan Salaverry)180 lbs. MMA fight.  James controlled all three round DSC_0039_0 of the fight. In all three rounds he was able to take Sunny down almost every time he tried. Whenever the guys were standing they tended to clinch, and work from inside the clinch or from the ground. Sunny did have an armbar attempt in the first round, and during the second round he was able to upa and escape to guard. Both fighters worked hard, in the end James Davis won by unanimous decision.

2. Bo Reedus (MABJJ/ Team Srisuk, Jones Jr.  Muay thai) vs. Matt Foster (West Coast Fight Team)210 kickboxing. This match was an exhibition kickboxing match. Although there was not a winner, both fighters put their energy into the match. They worked hard setting up combinations, blocking, and moving. Bo and Matt both went all three rounds without slowing, or stalling. Matt did accidentally catch Bo in the groin during round 2, and Bo returned the favor in round three. Both guys returned to the round and came back clean. Great job to Bo and Matt!

3. Chris Hogan (GUMMA) vs. Tyler Maples (Ivan Salaverry MMA) 160 lb. MMA This was a quick and explosive fight, in the first round Chris got the takedown, and controlled Tyler on the ground. Chris got back mount, and was looking to short choke. The referee ended up having to stand them up and Chris got another takedown as the round ended. In round two Chris again went for a takedown Tyler tried to stuff it and guillotine Chris. Chris went to finish the takedown, Tyler stuck out his arm, and broke it when he was taken down on top of it. Chris won byDSC_0519_0 T.K.O.

4. Ian Smith (MKG Martial Arts) vs. Armando Diez (Element 5 Fitness) 165 lb. Muay Thai. Ian and Armando did a great job of  showing their understanding of Muay Thai. Ian though did a phenomenal job of using the clinch, kicks, and striking combos. In the second round Ian cornered Armando, and Armando went down. Armando was given a standing count, but was not able to answer the referee. Ian Smith won by T.K.O.

5. Ally Renante (MABJJ/ Team Srisuk, Jones Jr. Muay Thai) vs. Wanda Binett (Element 5 Fitness) 135 lb. Kickboxing. These two ladies were the only two to fight on this card. It was an exhibition kickboxing match.There were a few little last minute issues getting these ladies to the ring but once they were there they were ready. Both women went out a little tentative, but once they got comfortable they both worked hard to put on a good show. Both Ally and Wanda kept moving and kept trying to use what they had learned. At the end of the third round both ladies were visibly tired at the effort they had put into the fight. No winner was announced because it was an exhibition match.

6. Sergio Ulloa (MABJJ/ Team Srisuk, Jones Jr. Muay Thai) vs. Robbie Larson (Ivan Salaverry MMA) 170 lb. MMA. Sergio started out strong in round one by getting the first hit in. Both traded before Sergio took Robbie down. The ref stood them up and they ended the round trading strikes. In round two it was much of the same thing, both came out trading strikes, Sergio again took down Robbie, but this time Sergio DSC_0982advanced the  position. Robbie escaped at the end of the round. Round three Sergio controlled the entire round one more time. It paid off Both men fought the entire time and in the end Sergio won by Unanimous Decision.

7. Dustin Taylor (Brian Johnsons Fight Team) vs. Paul Hage (Scott Schaffer’s Kickboxing Team) 145 lb kickboxing. Both Dustin and Paul put on a good fight. They worked hard through all three rounds. Dustin had quite a few good strikes, and Paul had a few good kicks. Neither looked like they were going to back down and gave the judges a very hard decision. Dustin Taylor came out on top winning by Split Decision.

8. Jimmy Williams (MABJJ/ Team Srisuk, Jones Jr. Muay Thai) vs. Tim Lewis (West Coast Fight Team) 165 lbs. Kickboxing. So I have a horrible feeling that I mixed up my notes on this fight so instead of attempting to figure out where I went wrong, what I have written down is Jimmy Williams won by Unanimous Decision. Please if I have this wrong someone let me know and I will fix the error.

9. Luis Barriga (MABJJ/PMA) vs. Mohammad Mustafa (independent) 185 lb MMA.  Both come out and trade a fewDSC_1369 punches before Luis knocked Mohammad to the ground. Although it did not look like Mohammad was knocked out, the referee jumped in and stopped the match. Luis Barriga won by KO :24 seconds into round 1.

10. Taki Uluilakaepa (MABJJ/ Team Srisuk, Jones Jr. Muay Thai) vs. Joe Briggs (SSMA/ Ruse Awakening) 170 lb Muay Thai Title Fight This fight was an awesome show of Muay Thai. Although elbows were not allowed both Taki and Joe did an amazing job of using the clinch.The first three rounds both Taki and Joe kept the fight rolling and looked like they could last all five rounds. But in round four and five, both were starting to look weary. During round four Taki started pulling away, getting a few more strikes in, a few more knees. Finally in round five Taki knocked down Joe, Joe was able to regain composure and finish out the fight, but in the long run the fight had to do with conditioning, who had the better stamina. Taki Uluilakaepa won by Unanimous Decision.

11. Jared Teer (Brian Johnsons Fight Team) vs. CJ Phillips (Trevor Prangley’s AKA) 145 lb Kickboxing Superfight. In round one both CJ and Jared traded a few good kicks to the body. Jared kept the pressure on CJ the first round. During rounds two and three Jared not only kept the pressure but worked to keep advancing. CJ had a few missed spinning back kicks, and a few missed teeps that gave Jared the openings he needed. In the final round CJ was tired and Jared capitalized on it. He kept pressing CJ and it paid off. Jared Teer won by unanimous decision.

12 Felipe “Two Angels Rivera (MABJJ/ Team Srisuk, Jones Jr. Muay Thai) vs. David Alexander (Cell Jitsu) Heavyweight Title Fight. This fight had a heated beginning with one fighter saying a little more than he probably should have. It was a wild DSC_2107 fight. David came out a little crazy. He had some very wild punches, and it seemed like the excitement got to him. Felipe on the other hand kept a calm demeanor and kept moving, looking for openings and taking is time. in the second round David came out again not guarding himself, throwing some wild punches, and ended up kicking Felipe in the groin. Felipe recovered and again looks for an opening. Felipe got David into a dorner and kept him there until the end of the round. During round three both start trading. David telegraphed a big punch, Felipa slipped it and caught David perfectly, David fell back and was unconscious. Felipe Rivera won by Knock Out in Round Three.

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