27 August 2012

Getting to Train with Jeff Monson

We’ve had a visiting black belt at practice this pastphoto 1 (1) week. Jeff Monson has been visiting to get some practice in. It’s pretty fun to watch him grapple. He’s not too tall of a guy but if you’ve never seen him, he’s pretty strong. Ok he’s really freaking strong. So anyway I normally don’t get to spar with him, because honestly, the weight difference is pretty big. But last week I got  to jump in on Monday and Wednesday. Each time was pretty intense. Robert told us to keep moving and not stop so that’s exactly what I tried to do, keep  moving keep ducking and trying to find a way around him, or a way to escape. All of that is easier said than done. Jeff is such a fluid guy. He is a 2 time Abu Dhabi photo 2 (1)champion, and a No gi World Champion. It was a lot of fun going with Jeff, Each time my goal is to last the whole time without getting submitted, and to pass, and hold side control at least long enough to score points. Surprisingly? I never got submitted! There were a few times I almost held side control, it was pretty awesome!

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