28 April 2012

Something to Brighten your day.

So I have been looking on Youtube WAY too much recently, and found a hilarious channel called Enter the Dojo. It is probably one of the funniest shows I’ve seen online. It’s like The Office meets a McDojo. The best part of it is there is one student who is slowly realizing how much BS it is but keeps going just to see what crazy things happen next. Master Ken owns a Dojo and trains Ameri- do – te. He is the founder and the ONLY Black belt. Here are a few of the different videos. There are 10 total episodes so far, I’d definitely suggest going and checking it out!

The first Episode

Stop ninjitsu

Why MMA is BS


Sadly some people may actually agree with this guy… That being said thank God its fake!!

1 comment:

  1. His voice and tone is exactly like Obama. Seriously, I kept picturing Obama doing these.

    If you liked this humor, you need to see a movie called "The Foot Fist Way". I think that's it. With Danny McBride. If you've ever seen his Kenny Powers character, it's exactly like that, except with karate.

    Thanks for the daily laugh!