15 March 2012

My Fun Attempt at Acting and MMA

A few months ago my friend Joe Riley who was a personal trainer at my gym approached me about helping him shoot a music video for his friends band. The idea was an underground girls mma tournament…. Basically a bunch of females kicking butt iron man style, whoever wins stays. Of course I said yes, it seemed like something fun and hey why not? I got to help teach a bunch of females how to do some basic stuff and hopefully drum up some interest in what I do.. So only one other female out of the group of girls had any form of experience. She was an amateur mma fighter and had stand up but not much ground work. The other ladies had no idea,  what they were getting into. So it was a full day shoot of just the females fighting. It was really interesting to try and create the fight scenes, decide how to ‘finish’ each fight, and then what else went in to each fight. I’ve never had someone shout at me to stop what I was doing and lose for a minute, or stop that choke and go for something else. I’ve always just gone into a match as ok this is what I’m going to do and this is how I am going to finish it. We did multiple takes of every fight from different angles, different moves etc. By far the most fun I had was getting picked up by my neck and then being thrown. Bet you cant tell I was standing on a chair the whole time… or that I got to do a flying cartwheel off of it! Anyway here is the video. It was a blast and I’m pretty sure all of the other ladies will agree it was definitely something new.

*Disclaimer, I have never done an MMA fight, I know some of the techniques aren’t perfect, and lord knows my standup probably looks hilarious, but everything is a little more exaggerated on a music video.

Here’s the video, enjoy!!

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  1. So, I'm guessing you're the one in the pink tank? - Kate