02 October 2011

I have left this too long

So I have realized a few things. I'm not updating like I should be on here and I'm extremely frustrated with being injured. Im so frustrated with it that I have actually been avoiding the gym except to teach the little kids class.. I feel bad about it but after almost 5 months of not being able to train I'm kind of starting to crack. I gained 15 lbs. Started eating like poop and have been throwing myself a pity party when I have no right to be. Yea I'm injured and not able to train like I want... No I'm not allowed to go to my old Bjj coaches seminar in November when he's here. But I need to stop being a Debbie downer. So here is what I have been doing

2 weeks ago I decided to start working out like crazy, this way when I was released to train I'd be in as good of shape as possible and hopefully close to my original weight... I've never been 140 till now and it's not exactly easy to het back in shape when I'm still not cleared to wok out on all machines/ exercises. One of the personal trainers at my gym is an mma guy and he trades me doing his mma fit class for me teaching grappling moves at the end to anyone interested

I have decided the little kids in my Bjj clas need to learn Portuguese too.. They know numbers 1-5 so far and are learning the positions in Portuguese. The easiest time to learn another language is as a young child and I am taking advantage of that. It will also make me work on my Portuguese (Brazilian friends beware)

I'm hoping to get a really good black belt interview lined up. I have someone in mind and will be emailing them shortly...

Finally my coach doesn't know this but tomorrow I am releasing myself to train Bjj. I will only do techniques, and slowly, but I need to start again. I'm really struggling with not being able to train. I need to do whatever possible to work on creating a new game, since I'm not sure how the ACL injury will effect me.

That's really all for now... Im going to be writing a kind of personal post here tomorrow about something I don't talk about often (actually at all on here) the content of my blog will not be changing it is just a one time thing.

I apologize again for not updating I promise I am out of this funk

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