13 September 2011

The Answer to no Physical Therapy

So the answer to not being able to go to physical therapy? Work with what I had been given, work out at the gym, stretch… and the assistance of an old high school friend. An old high school swim team teammate, Paul, has been following me and my injury since it happened. He’s an athletic trainer, saw on my facebook  that I no longer can afford my physical therapy, and actually emailed me a full progression forphoto (1) post ACL surgery therapy. I’m on track with what I’ve been sent. Things are working better, my leg is straightening well and I’ve started ‘running’ on the elliptical, it’s slow, but i can do it without pain. I usually stretch, run 10-15 min on it and lift. I’m sore when I do lower body but it’s more to do with the Atrophy that has happened in my muscles, not the actual acl graft. It’s kind of crazy, my favorite stretch is when someone encourages my leg to hyper extend at the knee. Both of my knees use to go past 180 degrees. Honestly it feels amazing, an honestly good stretch

As for being able to lift weights, I am ecstatic, it feels great to be able to do physical  activity, even if it’s only weight training. From the looks of my training regimen at week 12 I’m allowed to start back slowly in sports specific training. Slow easy techniques… no rubber guard-esque technique, yet. I have to wear the knee brace but I can definitely handle that as long as I get to do bjj again!!!

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