28 June 2011

Why Training with a Female can Help your Game

Whether she’s the 130 lb girl in muay thai class kicking higher than you every think you can get, or that girl who whether she’s in or out of a gi seems to be a walking dictionary of grappling technique, that female who always seems to be at the gym can be a wealth of not only knowledge but training that may just help you get to that next level, or tighten your game even more.

1. Touch Your Toes
    The first place those females around the gym can help youn700805304_4164684_1597 is with your flexibility.  Generally while males have the ability to build much more muscle, they start to lose their flexibility. Females stay more flexible throughout life and she may have some pointers.  The more flexible you are the less issues you have with tearing tendons and ligaments,  the higher your kick can get, and the more techniques on the ground you are able to do (think rubber guard, de la Riva, etc…)

2. Details Details Details
    How often does your girlfriend, mother, sister catch things you 38426_900047749940_909420_50057417_6376580_ncompletely miss?  How many more dates do they remember, notice when the smallest thing change like your hair or soap. If she catches and remembers the most obscure things in every day life how often do you think she may catch a detail in a technique you may have not seen?

3.  Different movements
     The smaller a person is the faster they usually move. A female is probably going to be smaller and will move and react differentlygirl kick than a male. Trying to control someone and train with someone who doesn’t move as expected will give you a new set of possibilities.

4.  Use your Technique
    With a female and any other smaller opponent it should become less about strength and more about your technique. Since you have to worry less about them using their strength, your chance to work technique and use less strength helps your game grow. Besides they will be happy you have only decided to use technique as well.. It makes the exchange better.

5. Tighten your game.
    Working with a female will help tighten your game because when their size comes into play you need to keep yourself tighter to erase the gaps. Working to keep tight on a small opponent will work to keep you tighter on a bigger opponent.


  1. I could not agree more with everything you just wrote. I have been able to train with more women this year than ever, and I feel like I have finally developed my game because I am not spending every moment of class working on escapes and defense. Good post, and I love the pic up above!

  2. OMG! I love this post! The guys I train with have told me that they like training with me because it gives them a chance to focus on technique. Also one of them told me that he liked training with me, because I'm so flexible, he HAS to get the technique perfect or it won't work. And about the tight spaces, one of the guys stopped mid roll laughing and said, "Where do those knees keep coming from?"
    -Definitely a great post!

  3. This is a GREAT post. Think I am going to post a link to my blog!! Great points!!