25 June 2011

The results....

Well the results are in.

Issue #1although I had a clear X-ray, the MRI is showing a bunch of hairline fractures all over my knee. I have to get a CT scan to see how bad the cracks are.

Issue #2 because my knee can't bend past 90 degrees they are pretty positive I tore my ACL. The MRI shows it laying in the right place but it could be detached, the won't know till surgery time.

Issue #3 my meniscus is torn and has to be repaired. So surgery is imminent. Surgery can't happen though until they see how bad the fractures are and I have enough time for them to heal. They don't want to do more trauma to the bone while it's trying to heal.

My best case scenario is no torn acl, minimal bone damage and immediate surgery on my meniscus so I'm out for about a month. Worst case scenario, 6-8 weeks for the bone to heal enough for surgery. Surgery on my meniscus and ACL, then 6 months of recovery before I'm allowed to train again.

Writing it down made me feel slightly better, thoughts and prayers would be appreciated...

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  1. You seriously just put my turf toe in perspective. Definite prayers for your recovery.