07 April 2011

Some Injuries and Exciting News!

Number one. The days are getting longer, and I got to see the sun today!! Sorry it just made me happy to see!

Anyway I banged up my left knee and am taking the next two days off of training to get the swelling to go down. As much as it stinks to sit out, i have 2 dvds to study and 2 bjj books to look over… I think I will be okay… At least I waited until after Pan Ams to get injured…

So after I got back from 199502_202877643065514_167556626597616_688997_1569574_nPan Ams, I decided to get a tattoo….  For me the tattoo has two meanings. It’s called the impossible triangle. Triangles can have a religious undertones, the Holy Trinity, a big thing in the Catholic religion. The big thing I wanted the triangle to represent though, was brazilian jiu jitsu. I refuse to get a team logo unless I get my black belt.. So I tried to look for a triangle… because a lot of jiu jitsu is about the triangle, the base, and made sure the triangle I got, wasn’t being used for a logo. So yea, it was a little painful, but it was definitely worth it.

I am going to be selling Fight Soap now, yay! for becoming a product rep! If you’re in Eastern WA I’ve got you covered! I can’t wait for my shipment, I know I have some of the bars sold.. If you are interested in getting a few email me at carluccikn@gmail.com.

Finally I am excited because not only do I have an article I’m writing about Aggression/ competitiveness in BJJ. I also have a black belt interview lined up with Samuel Braga, a 6 time World Champion. I’m excited to get the chance to interview him, and cannot wait! I’m looking for more people to do athlete spotlights on… Non black belts who have a story to tell something unique and something that stands out about them. If you have any suggestions I would definitely love to have them!

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