17 April 2011

Great news!

Sooo I have officially hit over 20,000 views on my blog!!! Thank you to everyone who reads it's an amazing feeling to see that happen!!

I am working on the Samuel Braga interview... Jet waiting for his replies! I'm trying to find a better way to interview people too..

There was a pretty awesome visitor to our school yesterday. Jeff Monson! Apparently when he is in town he visits! It's pretty cool! I had to go to work other wise I probably would have stay and just tried to soak up whatever information I could. I am a little out of his weight class so not too sure how good of a sparring partner I would have been...

Finally I need to congratulate a bunch of people from my indianapolis team.... There was a belt promotion and a bunch of people got some well deserved promotions! Congrats to Easton for getting her blue belt! Paul got his purple belt, and Buddy got his brown belt! Finally congratulations to Mr. Eric 'big mountain' Eads on getting his black belt!!!! It is a huge accomplishment and it is definitely well deserved! I'm so excited to hear of all the promotions back in Indiana! Keep training, I love you guys!!

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