23 June 2010

Brazilian Portuguese words every BJJ’er should know

So many of us will never make it to Brasil to train BJJ. But there are some words that every bjj practitioner should know in Portuguese. Occasionally at a tournament there’s a Brasilian that doesn’t speak English, or a coach shouting in Portuguese, or maybe you just want to listen to what a Brasilian is saying and catch a few words. Well here are some great ones for Brasilian Jiu jitsu, and may make life a little easier.

Combate- fight                    Parou- stop

Porra (Poh- ha)- bad word, don’t use it,

Boa- good                          Vai- go

Raspa (Hah-spah)- Sweep    Passa (Pah-sah)- pass

Obrigado (male) Obrigada(female)- thank you

Faixa (fi- shuh)-belt

Branca(bran- kuh)- white    Azul(a-sool)- blue

Roxa(ho-shuh)- purple         Marrom(mah- hom)- brown

Preta (pray- tuh)- black      cem kilos (cem kilos)- side control

Por Favor (poh fah-voh)- please

desculpe(des-kool-pee)- excuse me

Nao falo  portugues (now- fah-lo poh- tu ges)- I don’t speak Portuguese!

So yea that is just a little Portuguese to help if you’re competing, or if you hear a Brasilian talking about bjj. This way you can at least get some of the basics. there is more, of course, and I am not fluent in Portuguese, far from it. But it’s fun to pick up the words, and rely less and less on mixing Spanish or English in with the Portuguese.

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