17 May 2011

I have been slacking big time

So I have not updated in a while. Mainly because of work being crazy, visiting Indianapolis for my brothers' wedding, moving, and some harassment issues I've been taking care of. Bjj has unfortunately had o take a back seat to everything else going on so I've not been able to train as much..

Now that I'm done making excuses I am happy to say that I am working on a few blogs. One a black belt spotlight, the other is an opinion piece.

Practice has been going really well. What time I do get on the mat I'm trying to work hard, working on my aggression, and even working no gi more. Unfortunately a side effect of this is I am actually finally getting cauliflower ear. And it freaking hurts. It's all red and purple-ish and swollen. Oh well it's not bad... yet. Joel, one of the brown belts refuses to drain it at the moment so hopefully it stays small!! Anyway here is a pic! It looks like I need to start wearing my hair down all the time...

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